St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions:

What does S.K.N.Y.P.A mean?

S.K.N.Y.P.A stands for St Kitts National Youth Parliament Association.

What is S.K.N.Y.P.A ?

SKNYPA is a non profit and non partisan youth organisation. SKNYPA is a community youth group whose mission statement is to be an enabling agent for the open and honest discussion of national issues and the driving force for positive youth involvement in politics and the legislative process in St. Kitts and Nevis. S.K.N.Y.P.A aims to train young people to understand parliamentary procedure, to create forums and avenues for youth to express their opinions on matters of regional and national importance. SKNYPA also has a 40 hour per member volunteer mandate where we assist those in need of our assistance where possible.


Does S.K.N.Y.P.A support any political party?

As mentioned before S.K.N.Y.P.A is a non partisan organisation; that is we have our own independent views and do not share the view of any one particular party or entity.


How does one become a SKNYPArian?

Before one is able to be considered for membership they must apply to our association within the recommended period set by the organisation. The forms will then be evaluated and the probationers will be selected from that pool of persons. During the probation period one must complete an essay and interview. After completing the probation period as set by the association their performance will be evaluated then based on their performance they will be accepted into the association then inducted as a full member.


Is SKNYPA open for anyone to join?

As long as someone shows interest in our association and is between the ages of 12-30 they will be considered for membership.


Where does SKNYPA meet?

SKNYPA meets at our Secretariat located in the Wilkin Building on Church Street next to Masses House.


Is SKNYPA reserved for only a certain type of people?

SKNYPA is open for any one who wants to join. We do not discriminate and contrary to popular belief we do not accept persons based on academics or status in society.

If I do not want to become a member how can I help?

If you are not interested in becoming a member one can express their interest in the group and can assist us whether by being a resource person or offering support whether financial or otherwise.




SKNYPA's Anniversary Theme is "Strength, Standards, Sustainability, 11 Years of Success"

SKNYPA Meeting

The next SKNYPA General meeting is scheduled for Thursday 4th October, 2012 at the SKNYPA SECRETARIAT at 6:00 pm


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