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SKNYPA Knows Part 2

Posted by SKNYPA on August 25, 2010 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

While being a panelist on Winn FM's weekly inside the news we found out that the Conaree Landfill in St kitts only has 6-8 more months until a new one has to be erected. As implied this news took our organisation by suprise and we are eager to see how we can help this situtation. As such we decided to upload a few tips that can help us to reduce waste so that we can extend the life span of our landfill. With the erection of the new landfill the first aim of that organisation is to educate its customers as to how to generate less waste. However we have decided that then will be too late so here are some of the stuff we've researched and decided to upload.

  • Put leaves in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them away.
  • Copy and print on both sides of paper.
  • Reuse items like envelopes, folders and paper clips.
  • Set up a bulletin board for memos instead of sending a copy to each employee.
  • Use e-mail instead of paper correspondence.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Use discarded paper for scrap paper.
  • Buy items in bulk from loose bins when possible to reduce the packaging wasted.
  • Avoid products with several layers of packaging when only one is sufficient. About 33 of what we throw away is packaging.
  • Buy products that you can reuse.
  • Maintain and repair durable products instead of buying new ones.
  • Check reports for products that are easily repaired and have low breakdown rates.
  • Reuse items like bags and containers when possible.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
  • Use reusable plates and utensils instead of disposable ones.
  • Use reusable containers to store food instead of aluminum foil and cling wrap.
  • Shop with a canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries for devices used frequently.
  • Reuse packaging cartons and shipping materials. Old newspapers make great packaging material.
  • Compost your vegetable scraps
  • Get rid of your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to create less trash. You can read the news online and most magazines are available for reading online. You can even call the phone book companies and tell them to stop sending you a phone book.
  • Use cloth napkins and cloth towels instead of paper napkins and paper towels to create less trash. You will also save money by not having to purchase these items.
  • Purchase gift bags instead of gift wrap to create less trash. The gift bags can be reused over and over while gift wrap gets thrown away. If you must use gift wrap, consider using items such as old calendars and kids artwork as wrapping paper.
  • Avoid collecting brochures and flyers.
  • Buy only as much of something as you know you can use before it spoils. This may mean a one-week supply of perishable foods.


SKNYPA knows

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SKNYPA wants to help and we have provided you with a few proven Examination Tips that guarantee success in examinations:

  1. Create a study timetable that suits you best.
  2. Take breaks between your study routine as your brain is not accustom to focusing for long hours non stop in school.
  3. Study with a dictionary.
  4. Don’t try to memorize exactly what you see in your text books
  5. Attempt to paraphrase and say things in your own words.
  6. Choose a study regime that suits you best, whether it is constant reading, writing over notes or even recording yourself and listening or studying in a group.
  7. Take advantage of the resources around you, don’t be afraid to ask teachers, your parents and past students about stuff you don’t know about.
  8. Practice as much past papers or questions as possible.
  9. Study smart, look for possible trends, and study with your syllabus.
  10. Study your subject topic by topic, don’t attempt to study everything one time, you wont remember anything.
  11. Never read from one source, always go outside what is expected of you.
  12. Make the library or books your BEST friend.
  13. The internet has a vast amount of information, take advantage of it.
  14. Relate you academic studies to real life situations.
  15. Attempt to remember definitions, graphs and drawings and labels.
  16. On the night before the exam it is important to get a good night rest.
  17. On the day of the exam, be calm, relax and say a prayer and hope for the best, you should be confident but not too confident and eat a well balanced breakfast.
  18. When you are given the exam paper, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.
  19. Read and re-read your questions carefully before attempting to start.
  20. Do exactly what the question asks you to do.
  21. Make sure your response corresponds with the mark allotted for it.
  22. Answer the questions that carry the most marks first.
  23. Answer the questions that you are most comfortable with answering first
  24. Stick to the specified time allotted for the question.
  25. Leave time to read over and ensure that you read over your work carefully.
  26. Try not to sleep in the exam and stay focused and don’t day dream!

Save our Water!

The following are water conservation tips prescribed by (SEQL) Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life

  1. Check and fix any water leaks.
  2. Install water-saving devices on your faucets and toilets.
  3. Don't wash dishes with the water running continuously.
  4. Wash and dry only full loads of laundry and dishes.
  5. Follow your community's water use restrictions or guidelines.
  6. Install a low-flow shower head.
  7. Replace old toilets with new ones that use a lot less water.
  8. Turn off washing machine's water supply to prevent leaks

SKNYPA presents "10 Reasons why Young People Should Vote"

Posted by SKNYPA on February 11, 2010 at 12:27 PM Comments comments (0)

The last censusconducted in St. Kitts and Nevis shows that 64.9% or almost two- thirds of ourpopulation is less than thirty-five years old. At such an important time, youngpeople should not sit by and watch our future be determined solely by theminority. The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association (SKNYPA) imploresall eligible voters, especially those under the age of thirty-five to exercisetheir constitutional right and vote in the upcoming elections. If you cannotfind any reason to vote, perhaps these ten may help:


1.  Because you can (surely there are women in Saudi Arabia who envy you).

2.  Like getting your drivers’ license, voting is an excellent rite of passage into adulthood if you are a first time voter 

3.  Voting is the most meaningful and effective way to show your constituency representative how appreciative or                  displeased you are of their efforts in your community.
4.  As much as we do not like it, every person has an assumed political tag based sometimes solely on family ties, place of residence, social affiliations, etc. If you choose not to vote because you fear being labeled, it would be a waste of time since you already have one.
5.  St. Kitts and Nevis are small and everyone assumes they know who you vote for. The voting process is private so no one truly knows which party you support.
6.  Imagine how you would feel if you decided not to vote and the constituency representative that you support, or were even slightly leaning toward, lost by one vote.

7.  Undoubtedly, decisions made by a government can affect our lives for years to come. E.g. the decision to construct a road on the Southeast Peninsula, decision to close the sugar industry, etc. A vote now, is a vote for your future.

8.  The average age of the members who sat in the Federal Parliament before it was dissolved in December 2009 is fifty-one (51) years old. Average life expectancy in the Federation is seventy-four (74) years old. Imagine that you are eighteen years old and the party that forms the next government makes a major decision in 2010. In twenty years when you are thirty-eight years old (half of your life to go), the 2010 decision may still be affecting you but the 2010 Parliamentarians, now seventy-one (71), may have already passed on. 

9.  Albeit late, each party has presented manifestos to the public, which allows each voter the opportunity to educate him or herself on the respective party positions on the issues. Ignorance is no excuse!

10. If you think that a change in the Government’s administration is necessary, voting is the only way to effect that change. However, if you are pleased with the current administration, voting is the only way to keep them there. 

SKNYPA wishes that allyoung people who are registered to vote would take this responsibilityseriously having recognized that it is OUR future at stake. When the dustclears and the politics dies down and the euphoria from Wyclef and Vybz Kartelwears off, we all have to go back to our daily lives in attempts to advanceourselves, our families, our communities and our country. No one benefits whenyou do not vote but we all stand a chance when we put “Country Above Self” andvote!


SKNYPA's Dream Plan On Safety And Security

Posted by SKNYPA on January 23, 2010 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

If a million dollars was made accessible to The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association (SKNYPA) for the use of safety and security in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis we would firstly improve the conditions in the police and defense force by hiring international defense bodies to aid in investigating crimes especially in the area of forensic science, we realize that our police force contains many unaware policemen, hence some of that money would have to be geared towards self-development, training and classes for the not-so-intelligent members of the police force. The police force should contain some of the most influential persons in society and it would be imperative that some of this million dollars be invested in the development of these officers. Additionally, as technology continues to advance as the years pass, some of this money would have to be invested in upgrading the methods used by police force and law enforcement personnel such as the improvements in DNA testing and all the other police programs that are being used to solve crimes. Supportively, there would be some sort of organize payment scheme for police officers so that they would be properly motivated to serve the country to the best of their ability.Also, there is a need to increase security around the national borders to ensure that smugglers are no longer able to use our shorelines to get guns and drugs into the country. Keen attention would have to be paid by officers at our ports of entry, both air and sea to ensure that luggage/packages are searched thoroughly to ensure that drugs and firearms are not smuggled into the country.Crime is also rampant throughout the downtown areas of Basseterre and Charlestown hence the money would also be used to install security camera's around these areas, particularly in remote and poorly lit areas. This will assist the police force in monitoring the streets and surrounding buildings which are usually targeted for criminal activity.Our youths are our future and education is the first priority one must have to enhance a bright and prosperous future. Our youths must be talented, visionary, well-discipline and not easily be influence in gangs and crimes. SKNYPA will wholeheartedly use some of the money to secure all schools across the federation. This would be done by establishing a well-trained School Safety Unit geared towards, preventing and managing school violence, reducing safety risks and other hazardous situations such as fires, etc. as well as to improve school-community relations on school safety issues and evacuation procedures. With our kind and generous support we will also offer scholarships for students who qualify and have the potential to broaden their skills.Futhermore, programmes such as the Drug Awareness Resistance Education (D.A.R.E), the Youth Outreach Programme and Project Strong would receive the finacial support necessary to ensure that these programmes are able to assist our youth in ways that are mutually beneficial to the individuals partaking in programmes as well as society as a whole.In conclusion, we recognize that accidents has become extremely rapid and risky for the young and our elder folks to drive peacefully on the road. This money would also be allocated to enhancing the manpower and capabilities of the traffic department to address dangerous and reckless driving practices taking place throughout the federation. More road safety equipment would be purchased, such as radar guns, proper road safety signs and even a few traffic lights in some key areas susceptible to traffic accidents. The money would also be used to facilitate further training of traffic officers, crossing guards, and even volunteers to assist in curbing the number of traffic accidents and implementing road and driving safety and security measures.The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association is a non-profit, non governmental, non partisan youth organization launched on September 13th 2001 under the motto "Equality and Justice in Nation Building."